Praxis Africa began as a partnership between Ghanaian entrepreneur Tony Mensah-Abrampah, Praxis Strategy Group and AdFarm in 2009. It is an official registered Ghanaian NGO enterprise that catalyzes local development in Africa by mobilizing entrepreneurial support and workable technologies to advance sustainable solutions related to agriculture, food, water and energy. Partners include entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in West Africa as well as North American companies that are looking to break into the market and that can provide business relationships for local businesses.

Today, Praxis Africa and its numerous partners are exploring opportunities for advanced agriculture projects in Ghana, Liberia, Tanzania, and Togo. These privately-funded, multi-year projects each have comprehensive country-specific plans. These complex projects are tied together by similar Praxis Smart Farm Centers but differ based upon country-specific needs & interests.

A full-service marketing and communications agency with four locations throughout the United States and Canada. AdFarm is 100% dedicated to production agriculture, food and rural development 

An economic research, policy, strategy and development company located in the USA that works with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in business, government, education and civic sectors to create more resourceful ventures and communities.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that implements agriculture and rural development projects related to education, energy and entrepreneurship.

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