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Praxis Africa 

Praxis Africa began as a partnership of Ghanaian entrepreneur Tony Mensah-Abrampah, Praxis Strategy Group and AdFarm in 2009. It is an officially registered Ghanaian NGO enterprise headquartered in Accra that implements agriculture, education, and local development initiatives. We partner with traditional and government leaders and entrepreneurs and innovators in business and the social sector. Today we also have affilates that we work with in Liberia and Tanzania. 

Praxis Strategy Group

An economic research, policy, strategy and development company that works with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in business, government education and the civic sector to create more resourceful ventures and communities.  Praxis Strategy Group is located in the USA.




A full-service marketing and communications agency with six locations

throughout the United States and Canada. AdFarm is 100% dedicated to production agriculture, food and rural development


Shamba Partnerships International

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that implements agricuture and rural development projects related to education, energy and entrepreneurship.  



Delore Zimmerman, Ph.D.

North Dakota, USA






Roger Reierson

North Dakota, USA


We are a committed partner in cross-fertilizing ideas, practices, knowledge and understanding to enrich lives – one project and one community at a time.



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Delore Zimmerman

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