Awutu-Mankessim is a traditional area in the Central Region of Ghana where Praxis Africa has forged a partnership with Nai Kwao Otuo V to develop agriculture, education and energy projects that will enrich the lives of the people in the community.  

Nai Kwao Otuo V

Nai Kwao Otuo V is the Ankobeahene of the Awutu Traditional Area and the Chief of Awutu-Mankessim. He is the longest serving chief in Ghana, having sat on the stool for over 53 years.


He serves as the President of the Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen (GNAFF) and was named the 2015 Small Scale Farmer of the Year in the Agonaman region of Central Ghana.



Our 49-acre farm is located several kilometers outside the city of Bawjiasi where we grow maize, paw paw and cassava.  We have worked together with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to grow an 8-acre nursery for cassava cuttings to be distributed to small holder farmers in the area.

Connection: Bridging an Ocean
with Education

Education is one of the pillars of the Awutu-Mankessim development strategy.  Several donor partners have supported these education initiatives by buying school supplies and math sets and providing money to pay for deserving students to take their high school entrance exams.


Minnetonka Public Schools began its partnership with Awutu-Mankessim in early 2013. Since then students and parents have raised funds for:  

  • 60 solar study lights – provided by MHS Rotary Interact Group

  • 3,000 – 4,000 books provided by Clear Springs families

  • 60 flash drives – provided by MHS Rotary Interact Group

  • 350 Minnetonka Mesh bags from the Clear Springs PTO

  • $s for school supplies and math kits (primary schools) – provided by Clear Springs families

  • $s for junior high science books


The Rotary Club of Minnetonka-Excelsior recently donated funds to install a solar backup system at the ICT centre to provide power when the electric grid is down. 


Dean Schieve of Victus Motion and Twin Cities Public Televsion produced a half-hour documenary about the Minnetonka-Ghana Connection, which can be viewed by clicking on the button below.

ICT Centre

In 2014 Praxis Africa and Nai Kwao Otuo V launched an ICT centre that is equipped with 25 refurbished Dell computers donated by the Jewel and Randolph Yearwood Technology Education Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. Desks and chairs for the ICT Centre were built by local carpenters, funded by Delmar and Deloris Zimmerman. The building was provided by Nai Kwao Otuo V.  


We are a committed partner in cross-fertilizing ideas, practices, knowledge and understanding to enrich lives – one project and one community at a time.



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