Modern agriculture continues to  undergo dramatic  changes in information and technology. Many of the most promising and profitable opportunities in agriculture are made possible by the revolution in communications, which can:


  • Enhance agricultural production

  • Improve market access

  • Build connections to others in the ag value chain including other farmers, suppliers, policy-makers, regulators, buyers and consumers

Don't miss the Farmer Brown rabbit raising episodes!

They are a favorite in Ghana.

The Farm Channel is a multi-media communication platform, 100% dedicated to agriculture, food and rural Development in Ghana, West Africa. It focuses on the development of agriculture value chains and those who will disseminate relevant information to farmers, suppliers, buyers, investors, lenders, policy makers and consumers.


Praxis Africa has worked closely with Ghana's Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture, and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in producing shows.

We are a committed partner in cross-fertilizing ideas, practices, knowledge and understanding to enrich lives – one project and one community at a time.



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