Praxis Africa Leadership & Affiliate Network

Praxis Africa is a network of development professionals with a demonstrated commitment and capability to implement sustainable development in their

home country and in cooperation with other affiliates throughout the African continent. Affiliates are currently located in Ghana, Liberia and Tanzania.


Affiliate enterprises in Africa are operated as Legally Separate Entities (LSEs) that work work closely with Praxis Africa but are independently governed. Their primary focus is on development and project implementation related to Praxis Africa’s core areas of agriculture, food, water and energy.


Country Managers

Dr. Delore Zimmerman

Founder & Managing Director


Tony Mensah-Abrampah is a co-founder and Country Manager of Praxis Africa in Ghana.  He is an agricultural media practitioner and a founder and the producer of the Farm Channel. He has led the organization of Ghana’s annual Local Government and Business Innovation conference, whose participants include representatives of Ghana’s 216 MMDAs (metropolitan, municipal, district assemblies) and is active in designing and implment water and sanitation initiatives. Tony has 20 years of NGO management experience and 10 years in community development and communications.   He has been involved in microenterprise development in farming, forestry, fishing and tourism.


Thomas Mimykei Wuo is a co-founder and Country Manager of Liberia Praxis Africa. Thomas is an entrepreneur with interests in moderinizing Liberian agriculture and deploying sustainable technologies for water, sanitation, and energy in Liberia. 

Thomas received his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from the University of Liberia in 1994. In 2016 Thomas graduated from Columbia Southern University with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and another Master’s degree in Public Administration. Mr. Wuo has served in the administration of many Liberian community organizations.  In 2014, Thomas founded the TMW Foundation for Health and Education, which provides medical and educational donations to schools and health care providers in Liberia.

Dr. Kodjo Esseim Mensah-Abrampa

Senior Pan African Director

Delore Zimmerman is a founder, President and CEO of Praxis Strategy Group an economic research, policy, strategy and development company established in 1994.  Dr. Zimmerman has over 30 years international experience working with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in business, government, higher education and the non-profit sector to develop and implement action oriented initiatives and business ventures. Delore co-founded Praxis Africa in Ghana in 2009, Liberia Praxis Africa in 2016 and TANPraxis Africa in Tanzania in 2019.

Dr. Kodjo has a combination of ten years of international diplomacy, advocacy in development management and financing in many countries in Africa, Arab States, Asia and Europe; fifteen years of initiating, developing and managing complex international programmes in many countries; ten years leading ground breaking international development research in two world class universities on Local Development, Planning and Project Evaluation; and an accumulation of twenty-eight clear years of leadership and team work in a multi-cultural environment resulting in world class accomplishments, advocacy and development within a network that stretches across Public, Private sector and Civil Networks.


Diana Gasper is a founder and managing director of Go Extra Miles Co. Ltd, a company specialized in traveling for domestic tours in Tanzania and international business and trade missions in Asia, North America, the Middle East and Europe. Her passion to empower others, especially women, influenced her to establish a not for profit organization called STUKA, whose prime objective is to link and empower young women entrepreneurs to be mentored by motivational and professional speakers and experts.

We are a committed partner in cross-fertilizing ideas, practices, knowledge and understanding to enrich lives – one project and one community at a time.



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Delore Zimmerman

Co-Founder and Director


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