Praxis Africa works in partnership with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to create thriving communities and to positively impact the livelihoods of people in Ghana. We share our expertise and use our networks to empower people in government, business, agriculture, education and energy to achieve their vision of a prosperous and sustainable future.

Local Development Services



We work with government officials and traditional leaders to identify and develop new economic opportunities in farming, fishing and aquaculture, and value-added food processing. We also work on rural development projects in education and training, infrastructure and sustainable energy that support agricultural development.


Praxis Africa organized the 2015 and 2016 conferences on Developing L ocal Governance Capacity To Promote Partnership & Foster Entrepreneurship under the auspices of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

Business Development Services


We work with entrepreneurs, small companies and large firms to plan and implement business strategies. Our services include market research, feasibility studies, business plans, identification of potential partners and distributors, writing proposals for financing or investment, and arranging meetings with company representatives and government officials. Our market-driven approach assists farmers in improving their production practices and accessing markets.



We connect North American businesses, industry associations and non-governmental organizations to the African marketplace. Our services include market research, identification of potential partners and distributors, and arranging meetings with company representatives and government officials.

Media & Communications Consulting


We provide advisory services and training to non-governmental orgnizations, governments and private foundations to improve educational agricultural extension production and programmming on television and radio. Our specialized knowledge in economic development strategies and a technical agriculture marketing and communications skillset ensures that our strategies and recommendations are aligned with market demands.


Oiur farm channel media team and USA-based Victus Motion can produce a video evaluation documentary (VED) that can be presented in living motion to feature the initiation or a project, to record program implementation, and to present end-of-project findings.


In addtion to Ghana we have also worked on media projects in Kenya, Bangladesh and Uganda.

We are a committed partner in cross-fertilizing ideas, practices, knowledge and understanding to enrich lives – one project and one community at a time.



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