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The AYA adinkra symbol

in our logo represents

endurance and resourcefulness


The African continent holds tremendous potential to increase agricultural productivity and promote the success of smallholder farmers by fostering Smart Farming approaches that link mechanization to agronomic information systems and good business practices.

Smart Farm Initiatives transform agricultural productivity by modernizing machines and methods and creating access to markets. Smart Farms improve the lives of farmers and farm communities by advancing rural economic and community development.

Praxis Smart Farm Centers deliver operator-assisted mechanization services related to tractor systems and remotely piloted aircraft, improved inputs, agronomic practices, post-harvest handling and storage.

  • Managed by a lead farmer or cooperative manager

  • Delivers mechanized farm equipment and remotely piloted aircraft services by trained operators to hundreds of farmers

  • Provides agronomic services for nutrient management, input application, and crop management

  • Cooperatively obtains inputs and financing

  • Develops farmer-owned value-added processing

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